Why it’s named FIFA 24 EA FC 24: The Next Chapter in Sports’ Football Game Series

Because of EA Sports FC 24, FIFA 24 will not be published by EA Sports this year.

This year will not see the release of FIFA 24, so don’t get your hopes up. The good news is that the football game series originally developed by EA Sports is still active, although under a new name.

Since its inception 30 years ago, EA Sports’ FIFA series has been the undisputed king of the football video game genre. To far, EA has sold over 325 million copies of FIFA games, and that number is only expected to grow. Why, therefore, won’t EA make FIFA 24 in 2023, given the franchise’s obvious success?

Reason being, EA has decided to go through with a new football video game series called EA Sports FC. Recent sources suggest that the first game in the new series will be named EA FC 24, and that it will be published later this year. In 2017, EA officially announced that it will no longer use FIFA branding, marking the end of a 30-year agreement between the publisher and the worldwide governing body of association football.

After the split was finalised, EA and FIFA announced that FIFA 23 would be the last game in the EA Sports FIFA series. Now that FIFA 23 is nearing the end of its life cycle, it appears that EA is actively distancing itself from the game, shifting the focus of its social media channels to EA FC 24. Will there be any more FIFA games coming out?

There will be more FIFA games once EA FC 24 replaces it. (probably)

After 30 years of working together, FIFA and EA broke up because EA didn’t want to “pay a premium” to licence the FIFA brand. After the verdict, both EA and FIFA said they will continue developing their own games.

While FIFA president Gianni Infantino may have hinted that there won’t be a FIFA 24, the organisation has revealed that it will release a number of new football video games produced in collaboration with third-party studios and publishers. The 52-year-old announced plans for the FIFA video game series during the FIFA election session in March, saying that further information will be available “very soon.”

Infantino has promised that “FIFA 25,” “FIFA 26,” “FIFA 27,” and so on would always be the finest egame for any lady or guy, and that there will be news about this very soon. Since FIFA still needs to secure a publisher for FIFA 24, the game’s release this year seems unlikely given the lack of any mention of FIFA 24.

The genuine feel we saw in FIFA 23 will continue thanks to EA’s commitment to its 300-plus licence partners. Therefore, EA FC 24 is still the best option if you want to acquire a new football game this year.

FIFA, the iconic soccer video game franchise developed by EA Sports, has captured the hearts of millions of gamers and football enthusiasts worldwide for over two decades. With each iteration, the game has seen substantial advancements in graphics, gameplay, and realism. As we enter the gaming landscape of 2023, the much-anticipated release of FIFA 24 promises to be a major milestone in the franchise’s history. This article delves into the groundbreaking features, gameplay innovations, and technological advancements that FIFA 24 brings to the table, revolutionizing the virtual soccer experience for players of all ages.

  1. Hyper-Realistic Graphics

One of the standout features of FIFA 24 is its hyper-realistic graphics, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming industry. Powered by state-of-the-art rendering engines and leveraging the capabilities of next-gen gaming consoles and high-end PCs, the game immerses players in visually stunning stadiums, lifelike player models, and realistic lighting effects. Each blade of grass on the pitch, every player’s facial expression, and the smallest details of the crowd contribute to an unparalleled sense of authenticity, making FIFA 24 a visual masterpiece.

  1. Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics

FIFA 24 takes a giant leap forward in gameplay mechanics, focusing on providing players with a more dynamic and engaging experience. The introduction of adaptive AI ensures that every match feels different, as the computer-controlled teams adapt their tactics and strategies based on the player’s style and skill level. Additionally, players can now execute precise movements with greater control, thanks to enhanced animations and player physics, which further enhances the sense of realism.

  1. Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Integration

FIFA 24 introduces full integration with virtual reality (VR) technology, allowing players to step directly into the shoes of their favorite soccer stars. With compatible VR headsets, players can experience the game from the perspective of a player on the pitch, feeling the adrenaline rush as they dribble past defenders and score goals. This level of immersion brings an entirely new dimension to FIFA 24, making it the ultimate soccer gaming experience.

  1. Advanced Career Mode

Career mode receives significant attention in FIFA 24, providing players with more depth and realism in their managerial journeys. Managers now have greater control over player development, training routines, and scouting. The revamped transfer system features more intelligent AI negotiations and dynamic player interactions, making every transfer window a challenging and strategic endeavor. As a result, players will feel a stronger emotional attachment to their virtual teams, adding more significance to each decision made throughout their managerial careers.

  1. In-Depth Statistical Analysis

FIFA 24 introduces a comprehensive in-game statistical analysis system that tracks player and team performance across multiple seasons. These statistics go beyond traditional goals and assists, delving into advanced metrics such as expected goals (xG), key passes, successful dribbles, and more. This feature offers players and managers an insightful tool to evaluate their performance, identify areas of improvement, and make data-driven decisions to improve their gameplay.

  1. Community-Driven Content Creation

Recognizing the growing importance of community-driven content, FIFA 24 encourages players to create and share their custom content. The game includes an intuitive and powerful creation suite that allows players to design custom kits, stadiums, and even entire leagues. Players can share their creations with the community, enabling an ever-expanding world of user-generated content that keeps the game fresh and exciting long after its initial release.

  1. Global Esports Integration

FIFA 24 takes esports to the next level by offering an integrated and streamlined competitive gaming experience. Players can participate in officially organized tournaments and compete for prizes and recognition on the global stage. The esports integration also includes regular updates and balance adjustments to ensure fair and competitive gameplay. This move cements FIFA’s position as a prominent player in the growing world of professional esports.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) Features

In addition to virtual reality, FIFA 24 also embraces augmented reality (AR) technology, making the game even more accessible to players. Using AR-compatible devices, players can project a virtual soccer field into their real-world surroundings and interact with the game in a novel and engaging way. This integration allows for spontaneous matches with friends at local parks or in living rooms, bringing people together through the love of the beautiful game.

  1. Enhanced Player Customization

FIFA 24 introduces an unprecedented level of player customization, providing players with an array of options to design their in-game avatars. From intricate tattoos and unique hairstyles to personalized celebrations, players can make their virtual soccer stars truly their own. This level of customization adds a personal touch to the game and fosters a stronger emotional connection between players and their digital counterparts.


FIFA 24 marks a significant milestone in the history of virtual soccer gaming, pushing the boundaries of technology, realism, and player engagement. With hyper-realistic graphics, VR and AR integration, advanced gameplay mechanics, and a host of other innovative features, the game promises to captivate players and football enthusiasts like never before. As FIFA 24 continues to evolve with regular updates and community-driven content, it cements its place as the definitive virtual soccer experience and further solidifies EA Sports’ commitment to delivering the most immersive and authentic gaming experiences possible. The future of virtual soccer has arrived, and FIFA 24 is leading the charge. So, lace up your virtual boots, step onto the pitch, and prepare for a gaming experience like no other.

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